Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So as many of you may or may not be aware, we are on a bit of a self imposed hiatus. Things just weren't feeling as good as they should, and we thought it the best thing to do to avoid complacency and stagnation. Will definatley be back at some point though!

The purpose of this post is to let anyone know who may be interested what we are all up to at the moment with some new, and some previously existing projects.

Firstly, Josh : His other band Quiet Steps have almost finished a new album with Brisbane's digital super star Dave Williams. It is the swift follow up to last years "Think Aloud" which can be purchased now on CD from Seaby Records....


As well is in Vinyl form from Listen To Aylin...


New stuff is a bit of a departure from "Think Aloud" but is as incredible as you would expect from them. Think less Suis La Lune, more Pinback, more fucking amazing! No news yet on a release date but im sure if you check there Facey page there will be news soon!

The other super exciting news from them is that they have just announced a little-over-a-week long East Coast tour with Californians Comadre. You can check all the details for that here....


My (Simon) other band Epithets have also just finished a new album. It was recorded and mixed by Stephen Bartlett at White Horse Studio and mastered by Harris Newman, whose prior work includes The Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade and Silver Mt Zion. We are super happy with how it sounds! No news on a release date for that yet either but we will be putting up the first "single" from it for free download on Monday May 23 at...


...and launching it at Lamda on June 29th (with Quiet Steps). If you want you can keep updated at...


Cam has been busy as shit running Via Studios, as well as jamming on an as yet unnamed new band which features members of Ironhide and Waiting Room...


I haven't heard any of it yet but i have no doubt it will be fucking great!

Errol has been doing a lot of self recording as Still Rain Fell. It is so pretty! He is about to release a spit with the amazing Kigo. You can check out that stuff here.....


Our sometime horn blower Max has been living in Melbourne for the past few months and has started what is essentially the most perfect band of dudes ever created. They are called Palisades and you can check out there stuff here....


Myself and Josh have also been jamming on a new City Of Caterpillar worship band with our friends Cam and Dan (who were in the King Of Red Lions). Sure we will have a name and some details soon!

And finally (sorry about the ridiculous rant) myself, Errol and Josh have been jamming on a new project with our friend Robb (who plays drums in Quiet Steps) called Make More. Its coming together nicley and we plan to record in the next few months. Our first little mission is a QLD tour with Sydney indie heart throbs Let Me Down Jungleman.

We are taking in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Rockhampton and Ipswich July 21st-24th. Full details of that, as well as any other news can be found at..


Saturday, February 12, 2011

You should definitely get this...

I came across this embarrassingly enough while watching FTV... Well, not too embarrassingly... they play some amazing music. For a taste of the two best songs you can watch the C'N'C Costume National Fall 2011. Someone also uploaded the album, of course, and you can find it here. Beautiful songs and some of the most perfect guitar playing you'll ever hear.

Friday, February 4, 2011

What's News?

Well, tour is over! We had such an incredible time. Thank you to our friends new and old all over the country and all the incredible bands we had the honor of playing with. Thank you so much to our new friends in New Zealand for looking after us so well!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out, lent us gear, helped book a show or gave us a place to stay. You have no idea how grateful we are, and how much we love you all! Last but the opposite of least thanks of course to La Dispute. Some of the most amazing, inspiring people we have ever met in our lives. Can't wait to see everything they achieve in the coming year. We will see you again soon!

...but we are not letting the P.T.D kick in just yet. So much to look forward to in the coming months!

We are super super stoked to be doing BOTH the This Town Needs Guns sideshows, with Arrows.

                                                     Details for ticketing are on the "shows" page.

Our album "Lustre" is available now from all independent record stores and direct from the label at

In the next month or so, we will be heading back into the studio to record two songs for an upcoming split with Sydney's Hira Hira. We fucking love those guys so much and are so stoked to be sharing vinyl with them. You can hear one of their songs from the split at....

And most importantly, Central Coast's failure to beat Melbourne Heart last night means that Brisbane Roar are officially this seasons Premiers!!!!!!

                                                                        FUCK YES!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Our first full length CD 'Lustre' will be available from the following stores on the 5th of January 2011: 

Kill The Music, Poison City, Repress Records, Missing Link, Clarity, Rocking Horse & Landspeed.

Kill the Music already have them available and did up this amazing stand. 

Thanks so much~

We will also have them with us on tour in a few weeks and after we get back we'll put up a download for it with a pay pal donation available for anyone who likes it that much!

Happy 2011! 


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Perfect Music

The more I listen to this album the more I realise just how perfect it is. Bass playing almost identical to Peter Hook but with a little more Simon Gallup at times and vocals only slightly less cold than Ian Curtis, but with a slick french accent, sits them nicely along side Coldwave bands such as The Chameleons, And Also The Trees..., Snake Corps and Comsat Angels. The guitar and synth on this album are where the real magic is. The melodies might remind you of Disintegration or even Loveless that just get built upon with layers of just the right synth notes and minimal lead playing until it sounds like the saddest apocalyptic film that was never made. Parallels between Euro Screamo bands can be made constantly through this record especially with songs like the instrumental "First Days of Winter" and "Pictures" that sounds like The Cure covering Raein. There is a link to download it at this blog.